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Are You Ready For Idina Menzel To Be On Glee?! 14.Dec.2009

Lea and IdinaWell I wouldn? t hold your breath cause it won? t be until March when Glee comes back but at least you will have it to look forward. The Tony-award winner is expected to be on the entire season starting then. She will be playing the director of New Direction? s main rival group, Vocal Adrenaline. There is also a chance that she may turn out to be Rachel Berry? s (Lea Michele) biological mother because they do look a bit alike and my God, those pipes. I? m thinking she will probably play a tough woman which is similar to the two characters she is best known for, Maureen in Rent and Elphaba in Wicked. She could possibly become a love interest for the now single Will Schuster (Matthew Morrison) though that would be sad for Emma whom he kissed in the fall season finale. Idina is also well-known for being married to Taye Diggs, one of the best-looking people on the planet. They recently had their first child. Idina is not the only Broadway star bound for Glee. Jonathan Groff, Lea? s co-star from Spring Awakening, will also be on the new season in a six-episode arc playing a boy in Vocal Adrenaline and Rachel? s possible love interest. Oh it is going to be glee-riffic! Too much? Idina in Wicked