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Nicole Kidman Swears Her Face Is Naturally Stuck In Death Stare. What Do You Think? 13.Dec.2007

I know it's hard, but you're a bright lot. Can you tell which Nicole is the real one, and which one is not?

Don't wait for them to blink - they can't

Nicole Kidman expects us to believe that she's had no work done on her face - no lifts, no peels, no Botox. So how does she explain her death-like pallor and inability to blink or show emotion? Why, it's just clean, healthy living. ? I wear sunscreen, and I don? t smoke,? she adds. ? I take care of myself. And I? m very proud to say that.?

Did you really expect her to say anything different? This is the woman who was married to Tom Cruise for ten years; denial is an easy role for her to play. For the record, the pictures above show a progression of sorts. The image on the left is of a much younger (circa Days of Thunder) Nicole; the image on the far right is a recent shot. In the middle is her wax figure from Tussaud's, which I think more closely resembles Nicole than the earlier shot. It also looks much happier. Maybe if she laid off the Botox and whatever else she's doing she could learn how to smile again.