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The New Lohan Green Toothbrush: Order Now And We'll Throw In A Free Eight Ball 19.Mar.2010

Go green - with mold!While supplies last. It's an unbeatable value. It even doubles as an awesome pipe cleaner. I guess it beats the hell out of Shoe-han. While the shoes were gawdy-tacky-awful the name was funny. Kinda sorta. If you're half in the bag.

The new Blohan Toof-brush does not require water. This is good; water will f**k up the lines. White Oprah wants those supplies to last as long as they can because one daughter can't keep a job these days, the other just doesn't have it. Mom is too banged up to hustle drinks and rock anymore; she's gotta make a living any way she can.

So how does one keep a waterless toothbrush clean? Sounds enormously un-hygienic to me.