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Even Though She's Skin And Bones, Angelina Still Rocks Chicks With Guns Genre 17.Aug.2007

It's where she's done some of her best work - or at least most commercially successful. And even though the tabloids have her pegged at 85 pounds, no one hangs out of a windshield blazing away with a gun in each hand like Angelina. Insiders say her bullets will stop even Chuck Norris.

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It's good to see Angie working again. When her mother finally died after a long and painful battle with cancer, Angie mourned her loss deeply, and has dropped about 15 pounds from a frame that couldn't stand to lose even 5. Rumors of a returned dalliance with heroin were quickly discredited because she's obviously got her shit together, but stories persist of Brad begging her to seek help for her eating disorder, and she really is a shell of her former voluptuous self.

Will Angelina soothe her pain with yet another adoption? Sources indicate that the family is planning a trip to Ethiopia later in the year, and that Angie wants to adopt another African child for Zahara to bond with. Zahara was hoping that Suri Cruise would be the one - Z wanted to beat her down for that Burberry dress.