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Not Dead Yet: Amy Winehouse Hiding From Cops In Clinic, Could Use A Toothbrush 28.Oct.2008

Now with more crack than everWow, to be a criminal in England. You can beat people up, openly abuse narcotics, hook up in the bushes with strangers, and be sent on your merry way with a pat on the ass and a "caution".

Amy has done all of the above, and probably more, and yet she's still cracking it up 24-7. After weeks of staying out of the public eye, Amy was whisked out of her apartment Saturday and allegedly brought to the hospital for tests and treatment for yet another "chest infection". Her idiot father says that her lungs are "all gunked up" from all the cigarettes, crack, floor wax and whatever else she can cram into a pipe, but that's just a piss-poor excuse: Cops want to question Amy about hitting a woman at a charity event, and she can't sober up enough to be lucid, so they're packing her off to clinic for a bit of holiday.

Is Amy really sick? Of course she is. She's been ill for about two years. Doctors and the people around her keep treating the symptoms, but the real illness is allowed to thrive. Amy doesn't care about her rotting teeth or blackened lungs. She only cares about the next high. She's a full-blown, full-time junkie, and may well be beyond hope. I honestly don't know how much more I can stand.