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Gerard Butler Admits Sex With Everyone But Jennifer Aniston. Did He Forget The Script? 16.Mar.2010

I'll not be walkin' that dog, bitchesOh, the Spinster's PR machine must be fuming. Creating a buzz about a romance between co-stars is how they always push her films. It's not like they've got anything else going for them. But to make that work everyone needs to be on the same page. Unfortunately, Gerry must have called in sick that day.

While Jen's people are busy trying to blow smoke up everyone's ass - like anyone would believe she could bag a hot Scot like that! - Gerry's been chasing tail all over the world. And catching it, if you believe the reports (I do). He has fulfilled his obligations for The Bounty Hunter and he's moving on. He could give a shit less what her publicist wants him to say.

Butler has been linked to countless women, from Lindsay Lohan to Cameron Diaz to even Shanna Moakler; I believe he banged them all thoroughly and lustily, but Maniston? I don't think so. In an interview with The Sun, he insists that they're just friends despite their "natural chemistry" ... and then goes on to say, "But here's the thing - while they're accusing me of being with Jennifer, I've probably been off somewhere else doing damage with someone else." That I believe, certainly more than that crap her peeps are pushing.