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Is Debra Messing Dumpster Diving For Her Clothes? 09.Aug.2007

Perhaps she's having an off dayFirst of all, as a New Yorker, I am aware of the fact that it was like 100 degrees in the city that day. Debra looks a bit ... moist in this picture, but so does everybody else. Still, most of us kept our boobies from playing peek-a-boo (bie).

Of course Debra is also mommy to an adorable little boy these days, and with motherhood comes maturity - the ability to just let yourself go sometimes. Now and then it can be a good thing. It's only when it becomes part of your daily routine that it becomes a problem. Y'all can guess who I'm alluding to, right? Rhymes with split me beers.

Debra got great reviews for her performance in The Starter Wife - I didn't see it so I have no idea how it was, but it did have a cool premise. And she's good at those quirky, neurotic roles. Remember Ned & Stacy? That was a cute show. Debra has some feature film projects in the works, and seems to be adjusting well to life after Will & Grace. At least she hasn't fallen in with a hard crowd and bombed at the box office.