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Did Britney Get Pregnant To Upstage Her Little Sister? Will She And Adnan Get Married? 28.Feb.2008

This is all so unfair to Mama Lynne. How is she supposed to know which horse to back if they're both intentionally throwing the race? Maybe she should get a real job, like her ex, and stop whoring out her daughters.

This week's Star claims that Adnan is bragging to his friends that Britney is carrying his love child. I love that expression. Looove child. Two little words with endless connotations. But I digress. Is Britney in fact pregnant? Was their trip to Mexico really a wedding trip after all, and not a run to the border for cheap meds? It's hard to say just yet. Yes, Britney does look a little pudgy around the midsection, but she's been that way for months now, so I'm a bit skeptical. For her sake, I hope she isn't. She'll have to go off her meds and is in no shape to care for a child.

As shady as he may seem, there has to be something to Britney's relationship with Adnan; he's the only one Jamie has allowed to visit her since the conservatorship took effect. She does seem to have feelings for him, too, but her judgment is flaky at best. I hope Jamie sticks around for a while. She seems like she's doing better, and is able to see her sons again, which is a definite improvement.