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Hey, Amy Winehouse! Show Us Your Meth Mouth! Love That Stonehenge Smile. 19.Sep.2007

See what drugs can do for you, kids? She's only 26 years old and she's dropping teeth like a shark chewing on a steel girder. Never mind the cutting - is she pulling them out herself?

Dentally deficient

At least she stopped talking about having babies. Good Lord, then she'd really be toothless. That second gap behind the snaggletooth looks to be a new one, too. If Amy won't go to a dentist, someone should let her know that booze is loaded with sugar. She'll be gumming her Popsicles by the time she's 30 if she doesn't get some serious work done.

She probably won't, though. Blake will tell her he loves her just the way she is and then watch as she flosses with her crack pipe. Sometimes love hurts that way. Besides, if she cleans up her act she might look over and realize she married a gangly loser and put him out.