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Leann Rimes: Stalker Or Dicknotized? Mrs. Cibrian Sharpens Her Claws 03.Jun.2009

Eddie and LeAnnAs well she should, since her husband was spotted with the horse-faced country star just two weeks ago ... and he sure didn't seem to be in any kind of distress. Not even close.

Brandi was somewhat less than thrilled, apparently, but isn't ready to give up quietly. Hey, this whole finger-sucking business has done more to put her or husband in the spotlight than anything else. At the very least, she can milk this until they finally split and then maybe segue into a nice book deal or talk show run.

Brandi told Us Weekly that "LeAnn is a stalker", that she refuses to leave them alone, even going so far as to "intentionally track him down" at a Lakers game. Um, OK. LeAnn is a singer, not a bloodhound. How could she possibly know where to find him at a crowded public event unless he told her?

This begs the question: Exactly who is (are) the attention whore(s) here? Throughout this whole thing LeAnn has tried to keep a low profile; it's Eddie and Brandi who seem to be courting the media. What LeAnn did was wrong, but she's probably never had it so good, and good dick can cloud even the best woman's judgment. One thing's for sure: we haven't heard the last of this one yet. Next stop: sex tape.