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Jenna Jameson, Walking Dead, Makes Heatherette Fashions Look Lifeless. 23.Oct.2007

23 pounds and shrinkingI understand that many couture houses intentionally choose girls who are plain or bland-looking; they don't want the model's looks to detract from their creations. A walking bag of bones will suffice.

But one would think that a sideshow freak wobbling up and down the runway in your fashions might create a backlash with the buyers. Is it drugs? Anorexia? Or worse? Whatever the cause, what will it take for that fighting potato head she's with to get her some help before she kills herself?

Earlier this week, Marie Osmond shocked the world by fainting dead away after her samba routine on Dancing With the Stars. Listen, people. If it can happen to Marie, it can happen to anyone.