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Has Dr. Drew Been Sampling The Contraband Again? Maddox And Pax Will Bust Him Up 23.Jun.2008

TOOLJust what is with Dr. Drew lately? I tried to watch Celebrity Rehab last year because I grew up crushing on Jeff Conaway but it was too painful to watch. And now that the Scientologists have sunken their dirty claws into our beloved Kenickie, he's probably shuffling around the desert with Stepford eyes.

Maybe that's why Dr. Drew felt compelled to take a few shots at the Chief Bottle Washer and Xenu Whore of the Church of the Barley Milk. When he told Playboy that Tom's behavior was indicative of "serious neglect in childhood" Tom sicced his lawyer, the mega-powerful Bert Fields on the TV shrink. Fields compared Dr. Drew to a Nazi and got a limp-wristed apology.

Ass cheeks still smarting, Dr. Drew was desperate to find a fresh victim to project all his hostilities upon. Easiest target? An international star who just happens to be gigantically pregnant with twins right now. Dr. Drew stated boldly and unequivocally that Angelina must still be on drugs or in treatment, because once you're an addict, you're always an addict. No shit, Sherlock. Dr. Douche, not everyone needs their addiction on the cover of Star. Now you've got much more to worry about than old Bert Fields. Maddox and Pax have got your number, buddy.