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Did Brittany Murphy Shop Doctors? Coroners Want To Know Where The Pills Came From 30.Jan.2010

It was just a few pills ...Paging Dr. Conrad Murray! Seriously, if his name pops up in this mess I'll choke on a Wheat Thin, but there was a boatload of pills found in Brittany's house. Some were in her name, some in Simple Simon's, Brittany's mother (way to go there, Ma), and other as-yet unidentified third parties. Did she, like Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith, get drugs under assumed names or those of her employees? No one knows for sure just yet, but the LA Coroner intends to find out.

In addition to a heart condition, it's now being reported that she also suffered from severe anemia. She had lost so much weight recently; could that be a result? Creepier still, her regular doctors hadn't seen her in months, so now they have to track down whoever she was seeing and find out what they were giving her. With the toxicology results not in yet, it remains to be seen what role drugs played in Brittany's death. We've already seen the role they played in her life ... and the tragic outcome.

Brittany's mother and slimy husband keep insisting, over and over again, that Brittany did not do drugs. While I've heard otherwise, perhaps in their mind they really believe it. People who abuse pharmaceutical drugs don't think they're addicts because they have a prescription; it's not like they're copping on the street. I hate pillheads. They're usually the most self-righteous idiots in the room. And the most f**ked up. Like the slimy husband, Simon. After she was fired from that film in Puerto Rico, Simon got so whacked out on the plane that he stopped breathing and was taken for "medical treatment" upon arrival at LAX. You know, because he doesn't do drugs either.