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Jenna Jameson Says She's Really Pregnant This Time 26.Aug.2008

Aww, they're almost cute togetherRumors regarding the state of Jenna's womb have been rolling around for a few months now, but Jenna's just getting around to confirming it now. I assume she waited until she had a couple of months under her belt before making a statement. She'll likely will have to spend a lot of time on bed rest to be safe; she's got a lot of miles on her lower end.

I hope this also means that Jenna's decided to clean up her act again for a while. 75% of the latest gossip about Jenna included tales of her partying in the bathroom of clubs. She even got kicked out of an event for refusing to go to the bathroom without her two friends. It's the buddy plus one system. It works great if only one person is holding, helps keep everybody honest.

That brings us to the topic of the father-to-be, giant caveman fighting dude Tito Ortiz. What does she see in that guy? Since she's been with him she's dropped like 40 pounds, gotten a bunch of tattoos and retired from active porning. Perhaps he is good for her after all. He's also not mentioned as being present in the partying rumors going around, so maybe he just looks rancid bad.