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The Madge Files: Mature Woman With Huge Muscles Wows Crowds, Travels In Bathrobe 30.Aug.2008

Well, it is a very nice robeI don't think she even took off her spiky witch boots - she just threw on a robe and headed to the airport.

But oh! What a figure she thrusts at her fans - lean, muscular, amazingly fit for 50 - but sexy, alluring, feminine? Nope. She's a great performer, but it's time to hang up the girlwear. Madonna actually looks great in a suit or formal wear; all the Botox or facelifts in the world can't disguise the fact that she's not a 20-something anymore.

And while she's away, her family's doing quite well on their own. Guy was spotted dragging Rocco and David to his favorite pub the other night. Not one to miss a night out because of childcare issues, Guy and his sons just had to rough it. They probably had burgers and steaks washed down with non-Kabbalah-blessed beverages. Well, it is a very nice robe