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2009 Celebrity 4th Of July Dui: Joyce Dewitt Of Three's Company 06.Jul.2009

Come and knock on our door ...Wow, and she played Janet, the sensible one. I could never figure out how a girl like that got hooked up with a kook like Chrissy and a worm like Jack. I may be dating myself, but it was a good show.

Joyce never enjoyed another hit like Three's Company, but that could have been by choice. But now, roughly 30 years later, Joyce is back in the spotlight, but not for something she can be proud of. Joyce was arrested Saturday afternoon for DUI after trying to drive around a sobriety checkpoint. Maybe she had to pee.

And now instead of being known for her body of work, Joyce will be known as an irresponsible drunk who's lucky not to have hurt someone with her reckless behavior. She's no kid, and most definitely should have known better.