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Doctors Who Have Never Even Met Oprah Say She Only Has Three Years To Live 29.Apr.2009

Of course these are the same doctors who say that Lindsay Lohan looks to weigh 85 to 95 lbs. Everyone knows she's only 80.

But the Enquirer loves using the opinions of medical experts to speculate on the health conditions of celebrities. It does make for good tabloid reading, but it's usually not based in truth. This week the big story is that the Big O, bigger than ever at a reported 250 lbs., WILLDIE IN JUST THREE YEARS if she doesn't have her thyroid removed.

Oprah's weight battles are well-known; it's the common bond she shares with millions of viewers. It seems her ratings also fluctuate with her weight - they're up when she she's up, they drop when she drops a size or two. It's not fair, but she's really not in a position to complain, what with being the richest woman in show business and all.

Will Oprah go under the knife to control her ballooning weight? Does she really have a thyroid condition or is it just a poor diet? Maybe the thyroid story is just an excuse for a discreet lap band or stomach stapling. While they're at it she should let them take care of those extra toes.