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Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee: The Liz And Dick Of The 21st Century 15.Jun.2008

More germs per square inch than the average toilet bowlAhh, unrequited love. Neverending passion. Mutual respect and understanding ... oh, wait a minute. Wait just one minute. What we have here is one exceptionally large penis (cleanliness not included), two grossly-inflated breasticles and a bottomless appetite for drugs and debauchery. Of course they're perfect for each other! That doesn't mean they're good for each other.

Whatever the reason(s), Pam and Tommy are taking another stab at being together. Tommy gleefully told Rolling Stone that "Pamela and the kids have moved in with me." Great googly moogly! Don't these kids ever learn?

Pam and Tommy got married in 1995 after knowing each other for about four days. Three years later, they divorced, but not before she brought charges against Tommy for spousal abuse that landed him six months in the hoosegow. That was when Pam also revealed she had contracted Hepatitis C from him and not the drugs they were so fond of sharing. Will they make it? Probably not; there's a lot of water under that bridge. But hey, Pam's got a new reality show filming so it'll all work out. Best of all Tommy will let her party her brains out regardless of her health or gestational stage. It's a match made in tabloid heaven.