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Still Unable To Find Anyone Foolish Enough To Hire Her, Mischa Barton Resorts To The Sideboob 13.Mar.2008

Doesn't look any better from the sideThat's not her usual MO; Mischa usually prefers full-on nipple flashing, more likely than not after swilling gallons of booze and abusing whatever substance is closest. But Mischa's had to make a lot of adjustments since her DUI arrest. Because she doesn't get invited to the A-list parties anymore, the designers have stopped giving her the top shelf stuff, and she's having a hard time finding a creative way of baring her chest without revealing her desperation.

All out of her publicist's ideas and not bright enough to come up with any of her own, Mischa took a page out of the Lohan playbook, and went shopping on Robertson for something to hide blemishes and lesions. Note the smile on her face - she knows exactly what's she's doing, and is even slightly turned toward the camera to provide a better view. Also note the lady behind her, who also knows exactly what she's doing and would love to clot her a shot in the head.