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Scarlett Johansson Bares Her Breast Assets For Vogue. Wow, She Is So Versatile 23.Mar.2009

Reluquez mes grandes m?sanges juteuses!What, is she having trouble making ends meet? Or does she have another feature-length snooze coming out? Couldn't she just trot out that hot husband of hers and put those tired things away?

Let's face it, if ScarJo had a flat chest - or even a normal-sized one - she wouldn't be the "sensation" she is. Just because you push your big cans up under your chin, and then mash some dirty old man's face in them, doesn't make you an ingenue. A little talent would go a lot longer way.

That's not to say she should focus on that other feeble attempt at success - her "singing". It's like the neighbor's beagle getting caught in the pet door again. It just howls and howls, and that ain't pretty. Kinda like her latest dye job. I can't believe she paid someone else to paint her hair that muddy purple. The grape lady could do better.