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Britney Spears, Money Machine: Working Hard So Many Others Don't Have To 25.May.2009

Better double upPoor Britney. I used to think it was a good idea for her parents to step in and take care of her. Yes, they have helped her - they may well have saved her life. But now they've got her securely cut off from anyone in the outside world that they don't like or approve of, and they're just cracking that whip. She's got a lot of people to take care of now: Britney, Inc. has doctors, lawyers, nannies, bodyguards, trainers, etc., all earning top dollar, with none other than her father and brother at the top of the food chain. They've got their little moneymaker under control now and it's just like the good ol' days - the money is flooding in. So all's well, right?

With everything that's happened to her, it's sometimes hard to remember that Britney is a 26-year-old woman. She's being treated like a girl many years younger, and she has absolutely no say in what goes on in her life. Who she sees, where she goes, who she works with, is all decided by her father. Every once in a while a rumor gets out about Britney trying to escape or overthrow the conservatorship. She's obviously not strong or smart enough to, but imagine living under that constraint, day after day, with no end in sight.

I wonder if Britney will ever be able to lead any kind of normal life. Not that Team Spears has any intention of letting anything like that happen. As long as they can keep her upright and keep her privates covered they can keep that gravy train rolling. Now that Jamie Lynn done f**ked up her career they're all counting on her. Ain't it sweet?