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Clay Aiken Used To Choke His Chicken Online. Now He Does It Onstage In Hot Belted Sarong 19.Jan.2008

I can just switch hands if I get tiredHe certainly looks confident in this role. See the strong, steady grip of his pimp hand.

Gayken and his Claymates have a lot to crow about (sorry, couldn't resist). Clay debuts this weekend in Spamalot, the Monty Python musical spoof of King Arthur. I've always been a huge Python fan. Their TV series and then movies were hilarious, years ahead of their time.

When I first heard the feisty little carrot top had landed a role in the popular show, I had my doubts. I still do, but that's only because I don't think much of him; never have. And I thought he stepped way over the line putting his hand over Kelly Ripa's mouth. I would have been skeeved out, too, had I been her.

Nonetheless, the show's producer and Python alum Eric Idle both spoke glowingly of Clay's "glorious voice ... and master of character." Hopefully that's not all just hype. It would be sinful otherwise.