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I Am Number Four Looks Like A Ten!! 16.Dec.2010

I am Number FourDianna Agron appears to be the first break-out star of Glee with her role in the upcoming I Am Number Four. It kinda looks like Twilight meets Transformers except instead of aliens that turn into cars they are aliens disguised as humans that die in sequential order. The film stars Alex Pettyfer as Number Four who escapes his planet Lorien to hide on Earth in small town in Ohio (I mean is there anywhere else where an alien would hide? ) He is hiding out of course because One, Two and Three have already bit it so his number is literally up. But then he meets cutie Dianna Agron and sparks fly (Agron and Pettyfer are a real-life couple which makes it cuter!) and then of course he has to protect her as like an entire alien race tries to kill them both. Oh high school.