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Osama Wants A Piece Of Whitney? 14.May.2007

Osama: "Humpin' Around"? Bobby Brown recently claimed that Osama bin Laden wants him dead. Why oh why would he want Bobby Brown dead, of all people? Well, to get in on Brown? s sloppy seconds of coarse.

In an interview airing next month (? 24 Hours With...Bobby Brown? on ITV), Bobby makes this somewhat insane announcement, ? [Bin Laden] wanted to have me killed because he was in love with Whitney. He wanted to marry Whitney and make her one of his wives. That's some s**t.? Yes Bobby, that is ? some shit? indeed. He goes on to say, ? I feared for my life. I'm still on my guard. The most wanted man in the world wants (me) dead.? It almost sounds like I? m making this all up... But it? s here. And I don? t think I could ever weave such an outlandish, confusing, out of left field kind of tale.

The scary part of this story isn? t the potential terror attack against Brown, it? s the fact that Brown truly believes he is a target. Can someone get this man some help?