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Is Rihanna Hooking Up With Another Abuser? His Ex Says So, And So Does Her Restraining Order 23.Jan.2010

How you like me NOW? Oh, if this is true it's so not good. But it's not uncommon. A lot of women who've been in abusive relationships gravitate toward the same type of creep over and over again. She's still a young girl, and she might be swept up in the passion of a new relationship and ignoring warning signs of controlling behavior. Not to say that there are signs of trouble, but there was a restraining order granted.

The ex-girlfriend of Rihanna's new guy, Matt Kemp, filed an application for a temporary restraining order against him in 2008, for what her lawyer calls "an actual and real threat". Kemp's peeps are claiming that the ex made it all up, and are implying it's all about the publicity, but her lawyer is quick to deny that. " ... my hope is that Ms. Terrell tells her story, because it is a compelling tale of betrayal, abuse and survival." Sounds like someone's shilling for a movie or book deal here, but it's hard to know what really happened just yet.

For Rihanna's sake I hope this is bullshit. She's been through enough already, and I hope the people around her have the sense to look out for her, and not just be in it for the paycheck.