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Rihanna's True Colors Are Not Black And Blue. Chris Brown, Jay-z Has A Message For You 13.Feb.2009

Tension in the airThis situation has gotten so ugly. My heart goes out to Rihanna, that she has to endure such a painful and humiliating experience so publicly. Rumors of the extent of her injuries range from black eyes to broken teeth to kidney damage; I hope she's somewhere no one can find her for a while so she can just get better and get strong. She'll need to be, especially if the abuse has been going on for a while, which some of Rihanna's friends say is the case.

On the Brown side there are reports of Chris being very sad and showing deep remorse, or partying it up with his buds in Vegas. Maybe a little of both. He should hang on to whatever cash he's got left; he's going to find it hard to get a job in the coming days, if not years. He took some time out to update his Facebook page with the note: "You'll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!" Is he saying she deserved it? Ignorant bitch.

While Chris kicks back to watch what's left of his career dissolve he'd do well to watch his back. Jay-Z, Rihanna's mentor and the guy who discovered her, had always watched over the young star, carefully screening her many male suitors. When he heard about what Chris did to her, "He hit the roof ... Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew." Yeah! That's right! He's the one who deserves a beating.