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Jamie Lynn's Mom Making Her Give Up Her Baby. She Already Has A Family To Support 24.Jan.2008

You'll have to do better than that to get away from MEApparently Lynne Spears has ambitions of being an entertainment mogul. She can crank out a whole army of underage singing and dancing stars, work them until they fall from grace, dump them and move on to the next generation. The best part is they're family, so she can lock them in until they reach 18. They don't last much longer than that anyway.

It looks like Jamie Lynn's plan of getting out of show business by getting knocked up is backfiring on her. Instead of getting a permanent ticket back to Kentwood, her mother has badgered her into leaving the baby with her and going back to LA. A mysterious inside source said, ? Lynne is convinced that having a baby on her hip will not help Jamie Lynn? s future in the business and she? s expecting her daughter to pick up where she left off as soon as the baby is born.? Even hillybilly trailer trash have bills to pay.

It could always be worse. She could be leaving the baby with Britney. I hear she's thinking of starting a day care.