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Like Mother, Like Daughter: Suri Tells Her Dad To Give Her A Little Space 22.Sep.2008

I can do it! I CAN DO IT!!!He must drive them crazy. I mean, really. He just smothers them whenever he's around. Katie was actually looking happy - really happy - for the first time in ages after her Broadway premiere. By all accounts she did quite well, holding her own among much more experienced stage stars. I for one am so happy for her. I think she needed this little bit of success. Maybe she'll stop chopping all her hair off and put on a little weight.

Out of work and being kept at arm's length from his beleaguered spouse, Tom has been spending time playing Daddy with his little princess, Suri. No shrinking violet herself, Suri has watched her father browbeat the very life out of her mother, day in and day out, and has promised herself not to follow in those tracks. She's going to make tracks of her own ... and take Mommy with her!

But not yet. She's got to kick the barley milk and learn the ABC's first. In the meantime, there's always Build-A-Bear. Daddy's been begging to go all week, but Suri knows it's just an excuse to call those crazy people with the cameras and get all pretend-lovey again. It's worse than the church people. But she really wanted a new bear, so she went along with the program ... but only if she got to walk by herself. And split the picture money. She knows the ones of just her will get more money than the ones of Daddy and his platform shoes. He's so silly.