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Shoulda Done The Sex Tape: Broke-ass Octo-mom Facing Foreclosure And 14 Mouths To Feed 25.Aug.2010

Not pretty in pinkReally. What was this bitch thinking? I swear, if I see one more picture of her getting her nails done or out shopping while a bunch of other people take care of the children she speed-spawned ... I still can't believe the doctor(s) who allowed her to inseminate herself 14 TIMES aren't in freakin' jail. This nutball thought she could create her own sideshow, complete with free goodies, nannies and of course plenty of attention, only now no one's buying, and she's up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Or a boat, for that matter. Dopey broad.

Radar is reporting that Octo-Mung signed her house over to her attorney today. There's no word on what, if anything, Oxen-Mug earned on the deal, but I think it's safe to say she's in some serious debt; she's lucky if she saw any cash as the house was going into foreclosure. It's not the first time she's faced homelessness, and it probably won't be the last. This is a girl who never liked to work, and thought she could cash in on the multiple-birth reality show craze. Only problem was everyone found her repulsive. No one wants to watch her on TV, and no one wants to read the stupid book she's been trying to peddle. What is she going to call it? My Life As An Incubator? In Vitro And You: We've Got The Seed If You've Got The Need? Awright, I know. That was rough. But you get the point.

No matter how you slice it, Otter-Moss faces a long, bleak future of closed doors, unreturned calls and general apathy from a public she thought would embrace her for her manic breeding. Like I said above, she shoulda done the sex tape when she had a chance. Now the State of California will be stuck supporting her ass. Just think of all the food stamps she could get for 14 kids.