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What Does Liza Know? Wait For Autopsy, Says Minnelli 28.Jun.2009

Friends to the endAnd if anyone would know, it would be Liza. She's been there, seen it all, lived it all. And surprisingly she had the guts to talk about it.

Liza made an appearance on The Early Show where she talked about her long-term friendship with the King of Pop. As a recovered addict herself, Liza knows trouble when she sees it, and she knew Michael was in trouble a long time ago. Liza says "all hell will break loose" when the autopsy (or in this case, toxicology screen) results come in. "All those who knew him well really know what he was like... So thank God we're celebrating him now," she said. How sad.

Liza is just one of the many celebrities who have been talking about Michael's death, but she's one of the few to speak openly and honestly about the fact that he had major issues. I think the only ones truly in denial are Michael's family, who just hired another coroner to perform a second autopsy, and who also think his children would be better off in the care of his mother. I think they'd be better off as far away from that family as they can be.