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Still A Tool: Creed Singer Tries To Play It Like Bill On Sex Tape Thing 23.Nov.2009

Such. A. Dick.As in Clinton, that is. Remember when he said he didn't actually have sex because he wasn't f**king? That may have worked for Ken Starr, but it's not gonna wash here.

Former Creed singer Scott Stapp (I say former because he was a drunken obnoxious mess and his band kicked him out) may or may not be sober these days, but he's still the annoying, obnoxious asshole he was back in the day. You know, when he was marginally cool. He had a few hit records and went off the deep end. Sometime during his days of debauchery he was getting his drunk on with Kid Rock when someone had the brilliant idea of videotaping the two "rock stars" being orally gratified by groupies. No one really cared to watch it then, and no one really cares to watch it now. But if you did, Scott wants you to know that there's no actual sex on the tape. You know, just in case you might get curious and want to actually buy it. It's not like anyone's buying his music these days; guy's gotta make a living.

Stapp says he and Kid haven't talked "face-to-face" since the incident and I think I know why. Kid would just tell him to take it like a man and move on. There's worse things, like beating your wife.