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Heather Mills Cheated On Paul Mccartney Before Marriage, Got Off On Getting Her Stump Fondled 11.Feb.2008

She's simply misunderstoodJust when you start to think she's really not so bad, the British tabloids drop another stinker on her. As much as they love Paul, they hate Heather more. She never could win.

We just might find out exactly what the former soft porn star and call girl to the sheiks has been up to since becoming Lady McCartney as the pair faces off this week in divorce court. Heather has been angling for a big payout for months now, but she's also decided to represent herself, which means she'll probably end up with less than she would have had she paid her barristers. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Just in time for her court appearance, the News of the World has released the story of Tim Steel, Heather's alleged f**k toy while the Beatle was courting her. "Marriage to him opened lots of doors for her? and that's the only reason she did it," says Tim, 45. "She falls in and out of love with men on a whim and she messes with your brain. When she bedded me for the first time it was in her fiance's flat! She was that kind of girl."

To make his account even more realistic, Steel told of Heather's bizarre hot spot: her stump. He said she got off when he rubbed it a certain way. Like, ewww. Stay tuned as the British press unearths more and more tawdry revelations about Mills as each day passes. By week's end she'll be eating live kittens and roasting helpless pensioners over a pit in her garden.