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Long Island Lolita Rides Again: Amy Fisher Finally Embraces Career She Was Made For 20.Jan.2009

It's all she knowsY'all remember Amy Fisher, right? She was the Long Island teen who shot her lover's wife in the face and became a media superstar. After serving seven years in jail, she was released to go about her life. She managed to stay quiet for all of about six minutes, then tried to reinvent herself as a radio star. After the initial curiosity wore off she fell flat and was canned. Then she became a columnist for The Long Island Press for a short period, with the same result.

Amy settled down, got married and had a couple of kids, but that was boring. She and her husband faked a messy split long enough to release a sex tape and then publicly "reconciled" (read: split the take). She even staged a reunion with the lover who started it all in the hopes of landing a reality show, but viewers were just sickened by the whole thing.

Not to worry; Amy has finally found her true calling. She's now doing porn - only girl-on-girl for now, because her hubby's a jealous ox, but she has great hopes for diddling a few dudes before he pulls the plug. Frankly admitting that she'd screw anything, Amy says, "To me, none of it seems like cheating? it's just having a good time. And there are a lot of great looking guys out there who I would love to work with."

I wonder, does this alleged husband even have a job? And what must her kids think of Mommy's new rack and heightened libido? I know one woman who wouldn't be surprised; she still has the slug in her head to remind her of her encounter with the Long Island Lolita - but at least she was smart enough to ditch her loser husband.