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Deprived Of Her Confrontation With Bitch Who Stole Her Man, Jennifer Aniston Lashes Out At George Clooney 27.Feb.2008

Cheer up, little buddy. You've got the eggs, remember? She's probably just pissed because he's never made a pass at her. Like most men, it was probably the masculine bone structure and big man hands that scared him off.

Hollywood was rife with speculation the night before the Oscars, when both Aniston and Angelina Jolie were scheduled to host the aptly-named Night Before gala. Would Jen back out? Would there be a scene? Would Brad use Angie as a human shield as he made his escape through the ventilation system?

Um, no, no, and most assuredly not. Angelina, being the press savvy creature she is, simply let her belly do the talking and went elsewhere. Aniston, frustrated yet again, was left to soldier her way through yet another event before going home to that big, empty house alone. So it's really no surprise that she gave George Clooney the brush-off when he approached her table and tried to make nice. George and Brad are best buddies, although reportedly Angelina shares Jen's dislike for George. That's only because she hasn't seen him work that sex ramp like I have.