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Prince, The Artist Formerly Known As Hot And Sexy, Bumps And Grinds His Way To Hip Replacement 26.Feb.2008

Touch if you will my socketYes, boys and girls. There was a time when Prince was considered tres hot, and people didn't laugh at pictures like this. My, how times have changed.

All that bumpin' and grindin' and simulated sex with his silhouette guitar has taken its toll on Prince's dainty little body. Maybe it was the assless pants. That and five-inch platform heels would do a number on anyone. Whatever the cause, Prince will need to have replacement surgery on one of his hips, and is said to be devastated. "He is totally crushed because he knows he will never be the same again,? the elusive inside source says. Losing your ball and socket will do that to a man.

As intensely private as ever, Prince will check into a private hospital for the procedure and plans to take two months to recover. Good luck with that. Hip replacement surgery isn't lipo; he's almost 50 years old, and will probably need two months of physical therapy alone.