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Jessica Simpson Still Can't Hold Her Liquor, Is Not Bashful About Excessive Flatulence 21.Sep.2008

Let's stop at White Castle. Please? Jess has been rumored to be a binge drinker for years. That's hardly a surprise. But it is startling that she would be kicked out of the Marc Jacobs show at New York's Fashion Week for "stumbling around the party slurring her words and barely able to stand". They say she was asked to leave before dinner. That's rough.

Things like that don't faze her lover, Tony Romo. After all, if she wants to play with the big boys she better learn to keep up, and since she met him, girlfriend's really been trying. At least her other exes always kept her in line when the cameras were rolling; Tony could care less. He'll just pour her into the limo, laughing all the way home while she drools all over the leather seats.

She can't help it - she's just got a big mouth. In a recent interview she gushed about how Tony is her perfect mate. She said when they lay in bed together she "toots under the sheets". And why shouldn't she? After all those years of pillow biting it's really no wonder if she's a little loosey in the caboosey. She should lay off on the juicy, though. She's looking pretty bloated lately.