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Rachel Zoe Says She Doesn't Eat, So She Can't Have An Eating Disorder 27.Jan.2010

How long until organ failure? Yeesh! How can she say that with a straight face? I thought those topless pictures of Donatella Versace were bad, but this bitch is just gnarled. No wonder she's wearing that big wrap around her waist. If it wasn't for that we could see her jutting pelvic bones and Auschwitz legs. As emaciated as she's been for as long as she's been, I'm amazed she's still alive. Does anyone out there remember Karen Carpenter? She looked like this before she died.

But the Zoe (aka Chupacabra) says she doesn't have an eating disorder, and said the rumors are "silly". She said, "I'm here. I'm fine. I feel great, and I'm good." She went on to say that she was even going to dinner after the interview. She didn't reveal that dinner consisted of three blades of grass and an orange peel, but we all know the truth. Hell, seeing is believing.

So, how does the Zoe do it? The universal assumption is drugs, much drugs. And it's gotta be taking a toll on her body. It's no coincidence that Nicole Richie called her raisinface - don't let that heavily Botoxed forehead fool you. I think she's going to be 39 this year, but since she lies about her age, too, I dunno.