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Ashlee Simpson Won't Admit She's Not Pregnant Because She Needs The Publicity 24.Apr.2008

Taking a test driveHave you heard any of the songs from Ashlee's new album? It ain' pretty, folks. Crazy Cool Music says it's on target to sell 50 - 55,000 copies in its first week. That's a far cry from her first two albums, but that's because nobody wants to listen to her crappy music. The only thing they want to hear about is whether or not the future Mrs. Pete Wentz is actually pregnant, and she's keeping mum.

At first I thought Ashlee was pregnant, only because I couldn't imagine Pete proposing, to the girl who was once just a dirty stay-over, of his own free will. It still doesn't make any sense to me. Is it all those times while they were on the road together when she partied so much she had to go to the hospital? Or is it because she doesn't care that he kisses boys? The world may never know.

The world may also never know whether Ashlee is actually pregnant, because it's in her best interests to string the media along as long as she can. Once she admits there's no bun in the oven the press will move on. This is all probably Papa Joe's idea anyway; he's doing a good job of scaring Tony Romo away from Jess - but he's a cocky prick and figures he can blast two out of two and get his little girls back, all to himself, just the way he likes them. Blecch!