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Madonna's Hairdresser Tried To Pee On The Midget Last Week 22.Feb.2009

Hope she remembered her shirt this timeI've always heard that Hollywood parties can get a little out of hand, but this sounds like carny night in the bible belt. Midgets. Wrestlers. Drunken ... hairdressers?

The center of this story is the little midget that could - and did - dump her too-much-older boyfriend just in time for Valentine's Day. Since then she's wasted no time getting back out there and mingling. Just what she's mingling isn't exactly clear, though.

According to today's NY Daily News, "kissyface" Hayden showed up at a party with a huge hairy dude named Vladimir and spent the entire evening making out with him by a fireplace. Apparently things got so hot and heavy between the mismatched couple that Andy LeCompte, who styles Madge's hair, felt compelled to go over there and try to extinguish their passion ... with his urine. While everyone else scattered, however, Hayden and Vlad kept at it, not even coming for air as Andy was picked up and tossed out of the party - literally - midstream. I wonder if he even remembered it the next day.