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Twitter Won't Save You Now! Star Says Ashton And Demi Have Open Marriage, Share Bitches All The Time 06.Oct.2010

Fire up the jacuzzi!You know, as freaky as this bitch's stories are, and they're getting freakier by the minute, they do have a ring of truth to them. And it sure would explain the continued silence from Camp Kushner-Moore. Not to mention the threatened litigation that has yet to materialize.

According to couch whore Brittany Jones, the reason Demi hasn't tossed Ashton out for cheating is because they have an open marriage: They bring other women in for threesomes, but only those who meet Demi's approval ... and she must be present. Maybe that's her way of letting him have some younger cake and eat it, too, only he has to share with Mama. The little couch incident, according to Brittany, was Ashton bending the rules, and a one-shot (one-poke? ) deal: He made it quite clear, she claims, that he wasn't interested in an ongoing relationship.

So, are Ashton and Demi really crazy swingers? Like I said, it's kinda weird, but this is Hollywood we're talking about, and weird as it is, it does make some sense. There hasn't been much in the way of a response from Camp Pick-A-Chick, but I don't expect much, 'cept maybe for some new bikini shots or maybe another phony love-in. Hey, whatever floats your boat, right? shudder