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They Always Go In Threes: Today Farrah And Michael Jackson Pass Away 25.Jun.2009

And so ends two eras - the King of Pop and the world's most famous left nipple, both beloved by millions in their prime, left us today.

First came news that Farrah Fawcett had finally lost her battle with cancer. She can finally rest in peace, going without knowing that her son, Redmond, is in jail again. She also left before Ryan was able to find someone to officiate over the wedding ceremony he wanted so badly. Give him a few weeks and he'll be shopping a book deal or miniseries.

Then came the shocking news that Michael Jackson died suddenly today, allegedly of a cardiac arrest. I can't say it was a big surprise. There's sure to be an angry horde of investors now that he'll never make that comeback tour he was slated to begin later this year. He even had Lou Ferrigno lined up to get him back into shape. Guess it just wasn't meant to be. I wonder who will take his three kids.Jacko