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The Man Candy From Lipstick Jungle Is Going To Be The Man Candy On Privileged!! Robert Buckley Shows His Range. 15.Jan.2009

Robert on the Lipstick Jungle setYes. It is true. Robert Buckley, the seducer of cougars who has a phobia of wearing a shirt, has traded in New York City for Palm Beach. He will be guest-starring on the last two episodes of the struggling CW dramedy Privileged. He will be yet another one of Megan Smith? s love interests I bet. How does she do it? He will be playing an editor for a new magazine that Megan and Will go to work at. That is really cute that they think Robert Buckley could be an editor. Adorable. Perhaps he will get in a shirtless fight with Brian Hallisay (Will) and they can have a who pulls off a fedora better contest. Anyway, keep watching the show it is really good. Megan? s family just gets crazier and crazier and Will just sits there looking so pretty. Maybe Robert? s character will have a dysfunctional family also. Writer? s families usually do. Privileged