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Prettyboring Wants To Know ... Who Cut The Cheese, Boy George? Was It You, Pudgy Little Misfit? 25.Nov.2007

Every day is like survivalBoy, somebody got reamed with the ugly stick one time too many. And maybe he needs to pay more attention to his diet. It's getting harder and harder just to be around ol' Boy - even outdoors. These blokes were dropping like flies.

Apparently he's has had to resort to more and more drastic measures to keep his companions around. Boy George appeared in court Thursday to face a charge of false imprisonment brought against him by a young 20-something who said he was lured to George's London pad under the pretense of a photo shoot, only to be chained to a wall and threatened with whips and sex toys. George and an unidentified friend kept the victim there for a while ... probably until George came down a bit. At least he didn't call the cops on himself this time.

George did little more than confirm his vital statistics during the court hearing. No plea was entered, and he's due to return some time in February to answer the charges. While he could face up to life in prison, it's not likely much will come out of what is most likely a dispute with a paid escort.