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Nicole And Christina Both Had Babies On The Same Day! Even More Amazingly, They Didn't Name Their Kids After Inanimate Objects! 14.Jan.2008

Nicole RichieIt was a big weekend in Hollywood! Both Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera finally had their babies which means we will have to say good-bye to Christina's cleavage-happy outfits. Surprisingly, both women named their babies relatively normally (well in the spectrum of normal. Nicole's baby girl is named Harlow Winter Kate Madden (Harlow Winter! Doesn't that sound like a really awesome lipstick shade? ) Heck, Christina was downright suburban with her child's name of Max Liron Bratman. The babies were both born on the same day which totally means a fabulous joint birthday party is in the works. The most important question of course is...will these babies be cooler than Kingston Rossdale who is perhaps the coolest baby I have ever seen.Christina