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Are The Mcsteamys Expecting? Mama Better Put Down That Crack Pipe 08.Sep.2009

Are they or aren't they? Oh, and the naked hooker threesome thing will probably have to go, too. Seriously, the word on the street is that Rebecca Gayheart, she of the jacuzzi crack pipe and other hijinks, is expecting. Expecting what, you ask? No, it's not another eight ball. Tsk, tsk. No, Rebecca and her McDreamy spouse, Eric Dane, are allegedly with child. While rumors swirl of their enthusiastic consumption of cocaine in a number of places, the couple has decided to create a little diversion with a few tummy rubs here and there. You know, like those drug rumors can't be true; look, they're pregnant!

I'm not buying it. I think this is just a little more spin from a couple who are very good at flying below the radar. Rebecca, in particular, is certainly resilient. A steadily employed actress until she hit and killed a nine-year-old child almost ten years ago, Rebecca is hoping to land a new part - in anything - and is desperately trying to combat all the negative attention from the recent scandal. What better buzz than a baby?

Whew. All this manipulation is making my head spin. Paging Dr. McSteamy!