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Miley Cyrus Celebrates 18th Birthday Getting Humped In Bar Wearing Mom's Leather Bra And Pants 22.Nov.2010

Bored already? She's not even 18 yet - not until Tuesday. Yet she was out in a nightclub till the wee hours with her mom's blessing. Hell, her mom was there, probably knocking back shots (and maybe a little bit more) with folks like Kelly Osborne and Demi Moore. That's perfectly age-appropriate for Tish, a newly-divorcing 40-ish mama chasing bad boys and trying to reclaim her youth. Sure, she took Miley to a club to celebrate her birthday. Did she like supervise her daughter's activities at all? This picture was allegedly taken at around 2:30 am: Where was Tish while this ... dude ground all up on her half-naked daughter and slobbered all over her neck? What? She was where? Holding the camera? Stop it, you silly.

Folks say Miley's been acting out since her parents decided to split. I say she's been acting out for a couple years now - remember the wet t-shirt in the shower shots? Or how about the way she used to publicly wag her tongue at the underwear model, all sexed up at the ripe old age of 16? She's drinking. She's chain-smoking, and more than likely she's partying if she's headed down the same path as those who walked before her: Britney, Lindsay, Demi ... all carefully groomed by the mouse and all went nutsy cuckoo-cuckoo once they got a little taste of the nightlife. Miley's got her taste - and it suits her just fine. Maybe if she wasn't so high she could actually pay attention to what's going on - this guy is mauling her and she's just staring off into space like a cracked-out squirrel. Tsk, tsk. It's gonna be a long month.