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Is Miley Cyrus Trying To Break Her Contract With Disney? This Has To Be Intentional 29.Jul.2008

Hee haw hee hawShe's been careful how she says it, but Miley wants out of Disney, out of Hannah Montana, out of the fishbowl she's living in. Yes, the kid's making truckloads of money, but this little filly wants to kick up her heels - with or without a saddle - and her profile is way too high for her to fly under the radar like a lot of girls her age.

In the latest Miley photo to show up on the web, Miley is seen in a decidedly un-virginal pose. That's something a keg party slut would do after she funnels then hurls. It's not the behavior of a nice girl, especially one who's only 15.

There has been some speculation that Miley's antics are a deliberate act of sabotage on her relationship with the mouse house. I guess if she pushes it far enough they'll have no choice but to let her go, but I think she'd lose most of her fan base like that. If she's smart she'd just ride it out for a few more years. She does seem to be very talented and it would be a shame to see her fall under the same curse that derailed those who came before her. Besides, she hasn't even grown into those teeth yet.