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Anxious To Cash In Before Miley Starts Clubbing, Disney Plans Full-length Hannah Montana Feature 01.Feb.2008

Tick ... tick ... tick ...Oh, sure. They'll advertise it fifty times a day on the Disney channel and then only show it ten times in ten cities. The scalpers will all become millionaires while desperate mothers will have to choose between college funds and tickets.

But they better move fast. Miley is rocketing into puberty - a new dark do and giant Chiclet veneers (shades of Duff!) have people (myself included) wondering if perhaps she's growing up too fast. Combine that with the disturbingly provocative photos Miley took of herself and you've got a recipe for tween idol catastrophe.

The movie is said to be based on her Disney series, although it's not clear whether that means a big screen rehash of what her fans have already seen or an actual original plot idea. Filming is set to begin this summer, and it will probably break every box office record out there as long as she doesn't implode before then.