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Madonna Ships Newly Purchased Mercy To London Via Air Freight, Doesn't Bother To Make Trip Herself 21.Jun.2009

I TOLD you bitchesNow that's arrogant. And thoughtless as well. You're ripping this three-year-old child out of the only home she's ever known and taking her to a strange country ... and you can't even be bothered to make the trip yourself? I hope those judges feel good about themselves, making such an exception to the law to allow this to happen.

At least she didn't make the poor kid fly alone. Once the Gristled One was given the green light she sent a private jet to Malawi to pick up her new baby with a nanny, a "child nurse and another aide" on board to strap the kid in and keep the noise level down. Hopefully by the time they landed in London they made friends and Mercy wasn't completely terrified.

This just goes to show what you can get away with if you grease the right palms. Madonna definitely flouted the rules and ignored the laws of the country Mercy lived in, threw a bunch of money around to cement her purchase and then sent the hired help to collect her purchase. At least Lourdes and David are said to be thrilled with her new sibling; hopefully they'll make her feel at home before the next Sticky & Sweet tour begins in a few weeks.