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J.crew Gets Romantic! So Pretty! 20.Aug.2010

Katie and JoshThe cast of The Romantics just participated in the most beautiful photo shoot with J.Crew for their new fall sparkly clothing line. The film comes out soon and it has a great plot but who cares about that when Adam Brody and Josh Duhamel look that cute. And look at the cupcakes! I even love those sparkly pants Katie is wearing. They all just look so gosh darn fresh faced it is almost sickening. This is actually Katie's second J.Crew campaign as she did her first one way back during the first season of Dawson's Creek when she was actually a fresh-faced teenager and Joshua Jackson was her boyfriend. Oh my. Anyway, the plot of The Romantics centers on a group of incestous college friends (who can't not relate to that? ) who gather together for two of their friends' wedding (Josh Duhamel and Anna Pacquin). Katie Holmes plays the maid of honor to the bride who also happens to be the groom's ex-girlfriend that he dated for five years. Well you can guess that chaos ensues especially when the groom goes "missing" the night before the wedding. Elijah Wood, Dianna Agron, Adam Brody, Candice Bergen and Malin Ackerman co-star.The RomanticsThe Romantic girls Katie and JoshThe Romantic boysThe RomanticsThe Romantic boysKatie